About Tito Luv

                                    Tito Luv - Nightclub Singer                                         Tito Luv - Leader of the House of Tito Luv

TITO LUV … has not only traveled throughout the world, but also, the numerous city streets and country roads of all fifty states in America. This entertainer/author serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board for the “Tele-Systems Television Network!”

Which means, Tito Luv (www.mainperformanceusa.com) has been an Executive Publisher/Producer; Editor/Writer/Performer of magazines, newspapers, and radio and television advertisements; singer, comedian, television/radio programmer/producer; “Toastmasters” and corporate public speaker, etc. In other words, Tito Luv learned his craftsmanship well, very well. In fact, if you say the word “TITO” backwards, You’ll, Never, Forget, Him!!!

This talented author has written four previous books: Secret Family Recipes–The Cookbook, Betty Butterfly and the Path of No Return, A Dish Served Cold, (SOS) Stuck on Stupid–The Self Help Book, and now, his fifth book, Last of the Red Hot Poppas! TITO LUV…lives in the California San Bernardino Mountains with Gloria Valentino Manges, the Luv (love) of his life!

Tito Luv and Gloria Manges 2014

Tito can be reached at titoluvusa (AT) gmail (DOT) com