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Last of the Red Hot Poppas
Last of the Red Hot Poppas is the down-to-earth autobiography of entertainer/author…Tito Luv and yes, this is a story about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Yet, these tales from his youth were much more than just that. In fact, it’s about a “Bad Pappytucker’s Fifty Shades of Gray,” in between hectic travels and exhausting meetings with power brokers. After all, the world of entertainment, the industry that’s known for crushing dreams, is not a picnic. This is “The Real World!”

Last of the Red Hot Poppas showcases true events from the 1960’s and 70’s, describing the difficulties of forming and operating your own band in a professional manner. It was a very special “period in time” when Baby Boomers enjoyed America’s historical music era, which made a big impression on citizens from both sides of the tracks.

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Last of The Red Hot Poppas


Stuck on Stupid(SOS) Stuck on Stupid -- The Self Help Book is a humorous piece of literary effort communicating stories on serious subject matters in a most distinguished way. You may find yourself embarrassingly laughing out loud while describing current events you otherwise dare not discuss or speak about in public with family members, close friends or business associates. Regardless of age, readers from all generations will get a kick out of Titoism Humor and may even learn a thing or two if they’re not careful, in the event one's prepared to propel a mind into ultimate learning mode.

This hilarious but cognitive material spares no one's feelings, although some shall continue finding humor even after they've become angry or thoroughly disagree with certain subject matter. Information offered from cover to cover provides inquiring literary fans answers missing from lingering questions, which seem to have been hanging around forever. (SOS) Stuck on Stupid -- The Self Help Book is the quintessential book-taught-piece for this Twenty-First Century Era.

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Betty Butterfly


This fantasy adventure has a colorful cast of characters from General Pappytucker to the Wowie Zowie man and Betty Butterfly of course.  Good for both children and adults.

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Secret Family Recipes

Best home-made recipes presented by Main Performance Magazine.

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There is an old Sicilian saying, “Revenge is best served on a cold dish!” This suspense-thriller presents an interesting tale that readers won’t soon forget. It showcases the unhappy business dealing of the Chinese Triads and the Italian, Irish, Jewish and Russian Mafias, who want their stolen money returned. Through the stunningly desirable Hazel Steel and the greatest stud-muffin of them all, Dupont Duviare, you will travel deep into a terrifying and sinister world filled with mystery and blood-curdling suspense, where you’ll meet characters such as Clancy O’Brien and his Irish crew—they’re definitely not to be toyed with…Benny “The Money Man” Stuart, a brilliantly educated man…Jake Rosenbloom, the accountant’s accountant…the breathtaking and intelligent Sandi Zambini and her gorgeous partner, attorney Grace Courtney Anders…not to mention the menacing stranger nicknamed Capisce.

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